Well, not much! Certainly, President Trump went ballistic with China imposing high tariffs to many imports from China to US, but there is no reason for Biden to change what was already done by Trump. Although the manners and “tone” of the rhetoric is expected to be more diplomatic and conciliative, but there are unresolved issues on the US-China relation carried since the Obama era.

So, there are not expected changes in the horizon for the US Tariff on Chinese products soon, and a more participative US on the previous TPP, will put pressure on China´s allies on the Asian hemisphere.

This goes to confirm plans for those companies already thinking in relocating production in North America, specially Mexico, because their strategy is fulfilling the expectations. The new USMCA will bring them a path to develop regional market access and a reliable nearshoring for many products, that their value chains that had been compromised with trade barriers and pandemic effects.

Mexico will have to play it well on its strategy to develop further its production capabilities, logistic efficiency, and business climate. For that, many foreign corporations need a good strategic partner in Mexico that help them to do “soft landing”, and support their non-core business activities, so these new ventures can focus on their core activities. ONILOG is that partner, because of its many years of experience, professional structure, and readiness to implement its client deployment.