The following is an extract from the Parliamentary Gazette of the Mexican Senate:

In the great effort to increase the levels of competitiveness in the country, improving the existing technology and the national and international market and investments, we find as a very good area of opportunity, the impulse, promotion and permanence of the companies that operate a program of Maquila under the “Shelter modality”,

which basically refers to legal entities residing in the national territory, who, having approved a maquila operation program, contract with foreign companies, which provide them with technology, productive material and machinery and team, while the companies that operate the maquila program, provide the corporate structure, to carry out industrial or service operations in Mexico, supplying the labor, legal, accounting, fiscal and administrative administration, as well as the necessary facilities, with all the adaptation and maintenance services of the same .

With these elements, the company that runs the Shelter Service, imports and exports raw materials and components, transports them to its facilities, where industrial activities are carried out, and exports the finished or semi-processed product, carrying out all logistics work and obtaining all permits and records for its operation.

Foreign companies that contract the Shelter Services in Mexico find a reliable party with experience in the local management of business with the administrative and labor authorities, who have the experience in managing the human resources, necessary for development of industrial and service activities, which for a specified period of time, support foreign companies to facilitate the movement of goods and services, reducing risks and operating costs, thus having the opportunity to learn the way of “doing business in Mexico ”, with a prospective to becoming independent with a subsidiary of their own, in most cases, expanding its activities, generating greater employment and added value, transferring technology that helps the country’s competitiveness.

This type of business is highly recommended for any foreign company from any country, which tends to carry out basic, intermediate or consolidated manufacturing processes or to provides export services, such as the so-called “back rooms” or “call centers”, which could be administrative or accounting services, financial activities, business promotion, market penetration and consumer support.

It is therefore a very convenient way to “learn” to invest in Mexico in a safe “climatization” process, which exempts them from the responsibility of directly assuming the total operation, while maintaining control of their core business (production or services), with the presence, if you wish, of your technical or management staff.