• Shelter


    Our goal is to help you succeed in implementing a production operation in Mexico, providing you with full control while minimizing uncertainty and maximizing efficiency.

    We would be a long-term partner who will help you to select the best place to establish your operations, guide you through the startup process, and support your everyday activities.

    A Shelter Service is important when a new project is intended to be located in a different country with different work culture, legislation, and society.

    Under a typical shelter agreement, manufacturers continue managing all processes directly related to its production while the shelter company performs the task and functions that are “not core” to the manufacturing process.

    An organization that does this becomes nimbler and experiences faster and higher levels of efficiency.

  • Business Process Management

    Business Process Management

    If your strategy is to establish your company in Mexico, you will have full legal responsibility regarding your operations; On this point, you should have comprehensive administrative support that could add a lot of value to your peace of mind.

    Taking advantage of our experience, our certified administrative processes, and our technology, ONILOG will support you to control and comply in areas like Site Selection, Human Resources, Taxes, Accounting, International Trade, Health, and Safety, among others.

    It will allow you to focus on your core business while your "non-essential" processes are outsourced to a long term partner.

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Case Studies



Operation control and territorial expansion


A company located in San Antonio, Texas, was at risk of losing a contract because its maquiladora was failing in volume, quality, and cost in 2008. It required taking control of the operation, however, it did not have the knowledge or resources to manage the project.


In alliance with Onilog, they started operations with a new location in Tamaulipas where the productive force developed without interrupting the service to its clients, and maintaining control of the project at all. Subsequently, it was necessary to establish a new mirror operation in the western area. Onilog was commissioned with the feasibility study, evaluating the different options and finally decided to install it in Sonora.

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