• Nearshoring


    If you would like to take advantage of the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico without investing in your own facility, stablishing an outsourcing or a joint venture with ONILOG may be the solution you are looking for.

    Under this agreement, ONILOG will be your partner running on his own the operation, according to the Service Level Agreements required by you. It may be a small operation which we may install in one of our facilities, or a stand-alone operation, our goal is to create long-term alliances which will create value-added benefits for both companies.


Case Studies



Create remanufacturing of televisions to improve the price


The only television assembly company in the United States was looking for the opportunity to improve the process of returning its products by Walmart customers.


To improve their return, instead of keeping the televisions at the prices they were receiving them, we decided to request the delivery of the units to be transfered to Nuevo Laredo, where a reconditioning process would begin for their sale in the Mexican market. The result was that their income increased considerably.

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