• Consulting


    We are experts in managing Temporary Importation processes under an IMMEX program in Mexico. Our goal is to help you to have full control, so you can focus on your core business.

    Our Comprehensive Approach includes:

    • Compliance Assessment
    • Staff Development & Training
    • Preventive Audits on all areas related to an IMMEX program

Case Studies



Reconstruction of past due balances in the inventory control system


A textile company located in Sonora operated without keeping track of its consumables, which generated past due balances when the physical record indicated that it had exported them. This originated from mismanagement in the inventory system that did not declare actual consumption.


We started by processing and obtaining the IMMEX permit. After that, we worked on its inventory control system, restructuring it to obtain the desired balances and avoid problems with the authorities for keeping expired merchandise in the country.

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