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Ariana Garza

Foreign Trade Manager

She has 16 years of experience in foreign trade operations working in projects that involve the administration of IMMEX programs, implementing specific tariffs in the production process to generate meaningful efficiencies, as well as managing permits to operate in sensible areas, obtaining IVA and IEPS certifications, and accomplishing operational and legal guidelines in the area of ​​manufacturing, reconditioning, textiles and repair of electronic equipment, among others.

She currently leads the Foreign Trade Business Unit, advising for the operations of softlanding, logistics, and nearshoring for ONILOG as well as for other companies.

She is an active member of the Foreign Trade Committee of the nuevo Laredo Maquiladoras Association, and a certified external consultant for the implementation and operation of the leading system for the accomplishment of legal requirements of the SAT (Secretary of Tax Administration) for every IMMEX operation.

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