Guillermo Fernández de Jáuregui Velasco

President of Onilog

Founder and President of ONILOG, Guillermo has a business career spanning more than 30 years, leading companies in real estate, logistics, industrial and service sectors with a presence in Mexico and the United States.

He has extensive participation in business organizations, highlighting having chaired the Nuevo Laredo Economic and Industrial Development Council and the Nuevo Laredo Maquiladora Association; as well as being Vice President of the National Maquiladora and Export Manufacturing Industry Council.

He has been a public server, working as Under Secretary for Investment Promotion in the Economic Development and Tourism Secretary of Tamaulipas State Government. He has led different social projects focused on citizen participation in government actions, like being General Director of the Nuevo Laredo Historic Center Trust, Technical Secretary of the Government-Society Council, and promoter of the 2040 Great Vision Plan for the city of Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas.

Luis Emilio Fernández de Jáuregui Velasco

Corporate Strategy Director

Convinced of the importance of making decisions based on the analysis of relevant information, Luis Emilio applies his extensive experience in research and analysis to maximize growth opportunities and minimizing risks for ONILOG and its clients.

With more than 20 years of experience in the logistics, real state, technology, and soft-landing business, our Director of Corporate Strategy works with every area of ONILOG to define legal strategies, business models and optimizing services, with a focus on improving the service offerings of our company.

Miguel de la Cruz

Operations Manager

He has more than 19 years of experience in the maquiladora industry and has led areas such as training, product engineering, customer service, quality, production, and logistics.

He has broad experience in the operation of distribution centers and transportation services, as well as in transferring production lines to Mexico, and in the operation of re-manufacturing projects.

Currently, he leads the Logistics, and Nearshoring Business Units, managing operations in the states of Tamaulipas and Guanajuato.

Martha Elena Ortiz Pantoja

Manager of Finance and Administration

She has more than 20 years of experience, participating in companies related to foreign trade, transportation and maquiladoras, managing areas like cost accounting, US accounting, fixed assets, raw material, finished products, work in progress physical inventories, among other activities.

She has a wide vision of the maquiladora industry, with an in depth knowledge of business operations and Mexican Tax Law.

In the last 10 years she acted in diverse Vice presidencies of the Nuevo Laredo Institute of Public Accountants such as Communication, Professional Development, and Frontier Affairs; currently, she holds the position of Tax Committee Director as well as Taxpayers Public Advocate in the Nuevo Laredo Maquiladora Association.

She is also a professor at the Tecmilenio University, Campus Nuevo Laredo in their undergraduate and graduate programs.

Patsy Vanoye García

Softlanding Manager

During the last decade, Patsy has been acting as Shelter operations manager, responsible for multiple areas, including Human Resources; Hiring and Training; EHS; purchasing, payroll and international trade audits; as well as the managing and monitoring of multiple project implementations in conjunction with ONILOG corporate offices. She was an integral part of the team obtaining several certifications, including ISO 9001, ISP 14001, OHSAS 8001.

Based on her long experience in soflanding operations, she took the leadership of the Softlanding Business Unit, developing a team of highly capable collaborators assigned to each specific project, while guaranteeing that the balance between compliance to our processes and our customers satisfaction is achieved.

Gregorio Canales Ramírez

New Business Development Manager

He has 40 years of experience in public and private sectors in matters of foreign trade and investment, especially for the manufacturing sector. Before being part of the ONILOG team, his most recent challenge was the renegotiation of the investment and incentives agreement between the State of Nuevo León, Mexico, and Kia Motors, for the establishment of a large automotive complex in the Municipality of Pesquería, N.L. Mexico.

He has extensive experience in the public sector since he was General Director of Foreign Investment in the Ministry of Economy of Mexico, Technical Secretary of the National Commission for Foreign Investment in Mexico, and the Under Secretary of International Trade of the Government of the State of Nuevo León, Mexico.

He has also held various positions in multinational organizations, such as President of the Consulting Group for Cooperation with Non-Members of the OECD Investment Committee; Member of the Board of Directors of the Investment Committee to the OECD, Chairman of the Group of Experts on International Investment Agreements of UNCTAD and Vice-Chairman of the Special Committee on International Economic Relations and Investment of the Association of Caribbean States.

Hilda Dennyse Hernández Barrientos

Organizational Development Manager

Hilda has more than 15 years of human resource leadership experience working in multiple companies within the construction, remanufacturing, and logistics industry. In ONILOG she has held multiple Shelter operation positions, including Human Resource Manager and Project Manager; becoming the Corporate Organizational Development Manager in 2010. Her expertise has allowed her to lead and develop the HR, EHS, and Organizational Development areas in ONILOG.

Her most important contribution to ONILOG has been to create an environment where our team of collaborators can develop their full potential, both personal and professional, so that we can accomplish our vision of creating a positive impact in our community. She has designed and led the effort to create a Business Culture based on our values, which are Excellence, Integrity, Persistence, Passion, Courage, and Teamwork.

Ariana Garza

Foreign Trade Manager

She has 16 years of experience in foreign trade operations working in projects that involve the administration of IMMEX programs, implementing specific tariffs in the production process to generate meaningful efficiencies, as well as managing permits to operate in sensible areas, obtaining IVA and IEPS certifications, and accomplishing operational and legal guidelines in the area of ​​manufacturing, reconditioning, textiles and repair of electronic equipment, among others.

She currently leads the Foreign Trade Business Unit, advising for the operations of softlanding, logistics, and nearshoring for ONILOG as well as for other companies.

She is an active member of the Foreign Trade Committee of the nuevo Laredo Maquiladoras Association, and a certified external consultant for the implementation and operation of the leading system for the accomplishment of legal requirements of the SAT (Secretary of Tax Administration) for every IMMEX operation.

Yair Taboada Blanco

IT Manager

One of the most important assets in any company is the access to reliable information, provided to the right person and at the precise moment. In a digital world, where decisions need to be taken within seconds, it is critical that the IT Manager in ONILOG is a creative and committed person, with a solid technical knowledge, that can provide our clients with the appropriate technological solutions that support their successful operations.

Yair has 15 years of experience in the field of technology and software development, both in the public and private sectors. He has lead multiple IT infrastructure improvement projects, implemented critical operation tools, as well as developed information visualization tools that garnered him the Ox Editorial International Prize.

In ONILOG, some of his highlights are the implementation of critical systems for the Logistics area, a Balanced Score Card systems through Microsoft Power BI, client web portals to provide easy access to information, as well as production control tools.

Sandra Karina Aguilar Ayala

Public Relations and Communications Coordinator

She is an Industrial Engineer with more than 8 years of professional experience in the fields of communications and public relations in the public and private sectors.

As PR and Communications Coordinator, Karina is in charge of building and managing the public image of ONILOG, ensuring its brand and voice is consistent across the world.



We respect individual dignity, we continuously suppor personal growth, we provide a career plan, integration to a very united team and an excellent working enviroment is provided.


We are a professional, reliable, friendly, proactive and experienced company.


We are a company socially aware and committed to aid in the economic development of the city.


We are demanding, collaborative, reliable and trustworthy company.


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We have a relation based on mutual respect and and convinced that decisions are taken within consensus.

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