The Shelter Services for foreign companies in Mexico

The following is an extract from the Parliamentary Gazette of the Mexican Senate:

In the great effort to increase the levels of competitiveness in the country, improving the existing technology and the national and international market and investments, we find as a very good area of opportunity, the impulse, promotion and permanence of the companies that operate a program of Maquila under the “Shelter modality”,

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Ally-Shoring: A new concept to consider in redefining USMCA supply chains

The US and Mexico have a unique opportunity to both strengthen and deepen joint manufacturing, R&D, trade, facilitation, security and governance ties through the adoption of an ally-shoring strategy. Ally-shoring describes the process by which countries rework critical supply chains and source essential materials, goods, and services among and between trusted democratic partners and allies, with a focus on investing in the short and long-term relationships that protect and enhance joint economic and national security.

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