The importance of Industry 4.0 in this New Normal

By Luis Emilio Fernandez de Jauregui

The manufacturing industry has had several major stages throughout history, starting with the mechanization of production by harnessing water and steam (Industry 1.0), then using electric power to create mass production (Industry 2.0), and to the introduction of electronics and information technology to automate production (Industry 3.0). Now we find ourselves in the middle of a new stage, named Industry 4.0

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Mexico as a “Reverse Logistics Hub” in North America

There is a term that is not known to many people, except if you are in the logistics business, this term is “Reverse Logistics”. What is reverse logistics? The normal logistic or forward logistics of any product goes from row materials, to components, and finally to assembly. Check the graphic below.

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A Renewed Business Leadership is Required

At ONILOG one of our foundational values is PASION, referring we all should live our lives doing what really has meaning to us and we are developing an in-house program called “Life and Professional Development Plan” so we make sure all of our collaborators follows their own path to happiness.

Theories bind analysis and action and, especially in times of change, when the future becomes unpredictable and anxiety is running high, managers need theories to provide clarity and reassurance.

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New Trade Routes

The pandemic has brought substantial changes in the way we do businesses. New ways to sell, market, distribute and to contact the final customers. This is happening not so much for the so- called “B2C” or sales from “Business to Final Customer”, but also for the “B2B” or sales from “Business to Business” in a value chain.

Moreover, and prior to the pandemic, there was already convulsive activity in the international trade with the, so-called by the global news media, “trade war” between the United States of America and China.

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