Se mantiene México como el principal socio comercial de EE. UU.

Según el informe, en los primeros cinco meses del año, la relación comercial entre México con el vecino país del norte equivale a 262 mil 812 millones de dólares, de los que 153 mil 416 millones de dólares fueron importaciones y 109 mil 396 millones de dólares exportaciones.

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Ally-Shoring: A new concept to consider in redefining USMCA supply chains

The US and Mexico have a unique opportunity to both strengthen and deepen joint manufacturing, R&D, trade, facilitation, security and governance ties through the adoption of an ally-shoring strategy. Ally-shoring describes the process by which countries rework critical supply chains and source essential materials, goods, and services among and between trusted democratic partners and allies, with a focus on investing in the short and long-term relationships that protect and enhance joint economic and national security.

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